Todd Rosenlieb Dance

Performing Ensembles

TRDance Ensemble

The TRDance Ensemble is a program geared toward high school, college and post graduate dancers who are interested in developing their performance and choreographic skills in the modern and contemporary dance idiom. Dancers who have an interest in choreography may be able to have their work fully produced and others will have the opportunity to perform in both new and professional works.

The TRDance Ensemble offers several audition opportunities throughout the year as well as in the summer. Performances opportunities include their own presentations at the Benjack Studio Theatre as well as occasions to perform with the Todd Rosenlieb Dance’s main company and at community events.

TRD Falling for Dance - 2012_0082

Virginia Ballet Theatre Ensemble and Trainee Program

The Virginia Ballet Theatre Ensemble is our pre-professional training program for high school, college and post graduate students interested in furthering their ballet-based education. Participation is by audition only. The VBT Ensemble Dancers work along side the professional VBT dancers in a yearly full scale performance at the TCC Roper Performing Arts Center and also share a concert with the TRDance Ensemble in the Spring. The repertoire includes both original choreography as well as works from the classical repertory.

Both the TRD and VBT Ensemble dancers have a specified schedule of classes and rehearsals during the week and on Saturdays. Acceptance into the program entitles the dancers to reduced rate class cards. If you are interested in learning more about these wonderful programs please contact the Center.

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