Todd Rosenlieb Dance

Dedicated Board Members

The Board & Our Mission

Our Mission: to provide the Hampton Roads community and surrounding regions professional dance and dance education, advancing the discipline, tradition, and integrity of historical dance pieces, as well as promoting creativity via future works and the next generation of dancers.

2017-18 Officers & Board of Directors

Lisbet Hanson, MD, President

Emily Mitchell, Vice President

Deborah L. Swiecinski, Treasurer

Elizabeth Blachman, Secretary

Kelly M. Batchelder

Melissa Moreau Baumann

Michael Curry

Susan Hunter, Ph.D.

Katie Kenerson

Peggy Meder

Ricardo Melendez

Billie Miller

Emily Miller

Todd Rosenlieb

David A. Smith

Helene Uhlfelder, Ph.D.

Annie Filer Vogt

Mikaela Watkins