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TRD Company: Melanie’s Tutu-To-Do List

  • October 15, 2015

Tutu Time! Let’s have a peek at Melanie’s Tutu-To-Do List:

1. I’ve cut, scalloped, and dyed the tutu net for two Peppermint tutus.  Then I cut and edged some shimmery pink organza for the top layer.  Next up: I need to double-hand-pleat the top layer of net and organza.  One piece down!  Fourteen more to go!


Doing this pleating has made me excited to see the costumes for Erick Hawkins’s New Moon that TRDance will be performing in their 10th anniversary concert in November.  I’ve seen the gorgeous, other-worldly billowing effect that the pleated chiffon has on the dancers in the films we have been using in rehearsals.  I can’t wait to see the costumes up close and look at how they were put together.  Meanwhile, in between pleating, I had better get started on these Peppermint bodices.  I can’t wait to see some pepperminty stripes appear!

Tutu 1

Tutu 2

Tutu 3

Tutu 4


2. I have the net and tulle ready for a Sugar Plum tutu.  I’m blending the dusty rose net and grape sparkle tulle with some purple and blue tulle to match the iridescent loveliness of the purple silk I’m using for the bodice.  Time to pleat and gather the rows.

Tutu 5

3. After some feedback from my friends at TRDance, I’ve decided to use the net I dyed this summer in Tutu.Com’s Dying to Dye class to make a purple-fading-to-white tutu.  Now I get to scallop the white edges of the net.  A scalloper’s job is never done.

Tutu 6

4. Speaking of my trip to Tutu.Com’s TutuSchool, while there in Charlotte this summer I completed Claudia Folts’s 19 layer rolled hem Faerie Tutu.  I’ve bought some blue fabric for the bodice.  I already know what you are thinking: “That is way too much blue!”  Don’t worry!  I’m going to flat line some lovely aqua lace on top.  Then the light blue in the bodice will bring out the blue in the skirt while the aqua blends with the darker greens.  Now I just have to wait for Fabric Hut to put their bridal department on sale!  You know where I’ll be at 5:30am on Black Friday.

Tutu 7

Tutu 8

5. I still need to sew the embellishments onto the removable overlay for my ivory tutu.  Everything is pinned and ready to go.  This may have to wait until the next apocalyptic weather event.

Tutu 9

Tutu 10

Luckily, my Tutu-To-Do List is my friend.  There is always room for more tutus on my list and more fabric in my stash.  Happy and healthy tutuing, my friends!