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TRD Company: What’s In Diane’s Dance Bag?

  • November 3, 2015

What’s in Diane’s Dance Bag?

IMG_67441. water bottle - for staying hydrated!

2. day planner - for keeping track of my busy schedule! Make sure you mark your calendar for our 10th Anniversary Concert–November 13 and 14!

3. ballet shoes and skirts - We take class every morning–either modern or ballet.

4. hairbrush, hair ties, and bobby pins - for getting all my hair out of my face for class!

5. tennis ball - for releasing knots and tight muscles after class ;)

6. snacks - for staying fueled between class and rehearsal! Lately, I’ve been coming prepared with little cheese cubes and grapes, but I also commonly bring bananas, protein bars, a nut mix, some sort of granola or grain, veggie chips, oranges, or if I really have time in the morning, a smoothie (sometimes, the smoothie doesn’t make it all the way to the studio…).


7. toe tape - I started developing lots of blisters during rehearsals of “New Moon” (the Erick Hawkins rep piece we’re performing). Being a modern concert, we perform barefoot, and there are lots of turns! Come see for yourself!

8. theraband - for strengthening muscles, especially the ankles and hips.

9. knee support - Thanks to physical therapy, stretching, and massage therapy, I haven’t had to use this in a very long time, but I still have it in my bag just in case.

10. choreography notebook and iPad - for teaching and choreographing! I teach and choreograph at a studio in Virginia Beach called Dancespace, and teach barre fitness at Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga.

11. voice binder - for singing! I take private voice lessons.

12. wallet and car keys - to get me where I need to be!