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VBT Winter Concert: Shakespeare in Motion

  • January 28, 2017

Shakespeare in Motion presented by Virginia Ballet Theater


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Virginia Ballet Theater, Hampton Roads premiere professional Ballet Company, will be presenting its Winter Concert titled Shakespeare in Motion at The TCC Roper Performing Arts Center February 17- 18, 2017.

The Evening opens with SONNETS AND RHYTHMS by VBT Artistic Director, Ricardo Melendez. This piece uses sonnets by Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe with interludes of Renaissance music to tell a story of love and loss. The power of the Elizabethan language serves as the driving force to the choreographed steps with classical and contemporary influences weaved with early renaissance dance patterns to create a narrative that is both universal and contemporary.

SONNETS AND RHYTHMS includes unforgettable classics of the English language like Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29: “When in disgrace with Fortune and Men’s eyes…”, #18: “Shall I Compare thee to a Summer’s Day”, # 71: “No longer mourn for me when I am dead…”, # 116: “Let me not to the marriage of true minds…” and Marlowe’s The Passionate Shepherd to his Love: “Come Live with me and be my Love…”, alongside Elizabethan Consort music by Hesperion XX an international early music ensemble winner of various international awards like the Cannes Classical award and  Grand Prix de l’académie du Disque Français.

Second in the program is HAMLET premiered by Ballets de San Juan, Puerto Rico’s oldest Ballet Company. A tour de force Contemporary ballet piece to the music of Nigel Kennedy in his tribute album to the music of Jimmy Hendrix, The Kennedy Experience. Melendez explores this Shakespearean classic in a minimalistic contemporary dance choreography with expressionistic strokes that offers an alternative examination of this quintessential character of the English literature. Nigel Kennedy’s music combines the virtuoso attack of the violin with experimentations on the tunes made famous by Jimmy Hendrix. Titles like: Third Stone from the Sun, and Fire are transformed by Nigel Kennedy into ominous renditions that parallel Shakespeare’s tale of vengeance and despair. Guest artist Omar Nieves, former principal with Ballets de San Juan and Principal dancer with Coda21 in Puerto Rico will dance the role of Hamlet.

The Third offering of the evening is the World premiere of Melendez’s BOTTOM’S DREAM inspired on Shakespeare ultimate comedy of love and fantasy: Midsummer Night’s Dream. With the music by Felix Mendelssohn created for an 1800’s version of the Shakespeare play, this new dance piece examines the character of Nick Bottom who, after been transformed into a donkey by the mischievous Puck, has the most memorable experience when the Queen of the Fairies, under the influence of magic, falls in love with him. Lulled by the fairies and enchanted by the beauty of the magical woods, Nick Bottom experiences love and pleasures in unimaginable ways. Once the magic veil is removed, Nick Bottom returns to the real world exalted by the experience and disillusioned by his reality. Shakespeare’s Nick Bottom is a study of the common man struggling to succeed and finding joy in the world of dreams.  This tale of the ‘artist’ experiencing bliss in the tales of his imagination and later confronted with the rough reality of human life is a story that is certain to enthrall Dance lovers and Shakespeare’s fans alike.

SHAKESPEARE IN MOTION promises to transport its audience in an evening of Art inspired by Art. The genius of Shakespeare is heightened by the language of dance in a live performance like any other. Open your senses to the motion of Shakespeare language and indulge in the visual grace of Virginia Ballet Theater.

When: February 17-18, 2017 at 8:00 PM

Where: Tidewater Community College’s Roper Performing Arts Center

Cost: $27 General Admission/ $22 Senior and Military/ $17 Student