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TRDance is a center for promoting the highest level of professional performance, education, and community outreach. Through innovation, creativity, and inclusion, we explore modern dance and contemporary ballet that enrich the culture and community of the Mid-Atlantic region.

We seek to establish a culture that ignites a passion and appreciation for all forms of dance and that develops the next generation of professional dancers, students of all abilities, dance educators, and audiences for this ephemeral art form. We accomplish this with our five core values of excellence:


By celebrating our true individuality, we develop a stronger self-worth and therefore a stronger dance community. Each unique perspective plays an essential role in the creation of our own art form, the strengthening of the human spirit, and the common bonds in our community.


The fusion of imagination and intellect is the essence of the human spirit that strives for new ideas and a vision beyond ourselves.


By honoring our rich history, embracing the present, and promoting a constant evolution, we illuminate and endow the future of the art form.


We are stronger together, we strive on working with others to affect change in our community and the world around us.


By spreading knowledge of the history of dance, we are able to positively impact the experience of our current audience.

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About TRDance

Coastal Virginia's Premiere Urban Dance Studio
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"15 Years in the Making" Documentary

TRDance has touched the hearts of thousands and taught individuals who have traveled both nationwide and internationally. Learn the story behind the most premiere dance studio in Downtown Norfolk, Virginia.

Mission & Values

Our Executive Studio Staff is there daily to ensure every student and class is properly attended to.

Studio Staff


Christopher Reybrouck

Executive Director


Alexa Dunks

MixMo & Digital Content Coordinator


Jaime Simpson

Academy Director

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Front Desk Staff

Interested in working in exchange for dance?


Tracey Buckner

Office Manager


Board of Directors


Immediate Past President

Dr. Lisbet Hanson

2021 Officers & Directors


Christie Mendoza McCall


Connie Vankirk Campbell


Deborah L. Swiecinski


Katie Kenerson

Emily Miller, JD

Emily Mitchell

Michael Curry

Raegan Kotsko, MD

Angelique Ragland

Ellen Nixon

Matthew Omilianowski

Tara F. Saunders

Jennifer Burroughs

Rose Kenerson

Lexie Dunks, Company Representative

Todd Rosenlieb, Artistic Director

Christopher Reybrouck, Executive Director

Advisory Board Members

Current Chair

Dr. Lisbet Hanson

Dr. Michelle Brenner

Dr. Joel Brenner

Annie Filer Vogt

Pamela Northam, First Lady of Virginia

Jason Omilianowski

Jane Short

Candie Heidelberg-Denison

Mark Denison

Mikaela Watson

Allison Whitmore

We are so grateful for the support of public & private grants and individual donors. Todd Rosenlieb Dance is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization, and your contribution is tax deductible as allowed by law.

Our Sponsors

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