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Class Types

What are Open Classes?

The Open Program offers drop in classes in a variety of styles for dancers aged 14+. Much like a New York studio, this program offers students the flexibility of designing their own schedules. Registration is open year-round, and you may join open classes at any time. Students may purchase single classes or buy an Unlimited Membership or class card entitling them to take any 10 classes within a 3-month period or 30 classes within a 6-month period. Dancers new to the studio are encouraged to take a class in the level they feel is closest to their experience level. If uncertain of exactly which level would be the best fit, feel free to call or email for staff recommendations. After taking the initial class, the instructor can offer feedback and make recommendations as well. Private Lessons are also available.

What is the Structured Program?

The Structured Program offers an introduction to dance for ages 3 - 6, as well as comprehensive and progressive training for ages 6-15 in ballet, modern, jazz, and hip hop. Students are placed in levels according to age as well as prior training and experience. The program runs from September through May with performance opportunities through June. Tuition rates are for the year, and are based on the number of classes taken per week. Placement for Structured Classes is solely at the discretion of the Academy Director and faculty of TRDance. At the beginning and end of the year, current students will be evaluated and placed based on their progress during the previous year. New students will be placed and evaluated in classes based upon their age and previous experience. If necessary, we may make placement changes during the year to ensure consistency and progress. For your convenience, Private Lessons are also available.

What is the MixMO Program?

MixMO is the first program of its kind in this region. Mixed Abilities in Motion (MixMo) was conceived when a parent shared a heartfelt desire – that her child, born with Down Syndrome, have the opportunity to experience dance. Now in its 10th year, MixMo has expanded beyond its first Adaptive Dance Class for children and adults with Down Syndrome to include Movin’ and Groovin’ with Autism Spectrum Disorder and The Wholly Rollers at TRDance, a new MIXMO program for dancers with wheelchairs. Our classes are structured to involve a combination of ballet technique and creative movement along with classical ballet music and interactive songs. We also incorporate live music from a professional drummer (bongos) in classes to expose students to percussive sound while maintaining the unique ability to respond to the sensory needs of our students. MIXMO dancers receive the opportunity to attend live theatre and dance performances in the community as well as perform, alongside such noted artists and organizations as the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Todd Rosenlieb Dance Company, and Virginia Ballet Theatre Please reach out to Erin Pentecost, the MixMo Coordinator, at for information on classes and enrollment.

TRDance Online

How do I register for classes?

Step 1- Become a Site Member Becoming a Site Member establishes a unique profile for you on our website. STEP 2: Purchase Your Lifetime Registration Card The Lifetime Registration Card enables enrollment into our Structured Programs for younger students, and gives access to class cards and unlimited plans for Open Students. The Registration Card for either of these programs can be purchased with a one-time payment of $35.00. STEP 3: Complete Your Student Registration Forms Structured Students will need to have a parent or guardian complete the Structured Registration form, Waiver, and Media Release. Open Students who are ready to register will need to complete the Open Registration Form, Waiver, and Media Release (Open Students under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or guardian sign these forms). New Open Students who would like to take a Trial class will need to complete the Waiver and Media Release, and then may complete the Registration after their class.

Procedures & Policies

General Policies | COVID-19 Update

Stay Active. Dance Safely.

  • Masks are required in all common areas at TRDance. Masks are required during class when combinations travel around the studio or across the floor.
  • We ask that all dancers enter the building through our Back Entrance.

Cleaning Policies & Safe Studio Procedures

  • TRDance has an approved anti-viral sanitizing spray that is appropriate for use on all surfaces. High touch points as well as studio surfaces are disinfected in the morning and evening.
  • We frequently wipe down door handles, light switches, ballet barres, stereos, bathroom surfaces, etc. Studio floors are sanitized daily.
  • Instructors use the anti-viral sanitizing spray to clean the ballet barres before and after classes. Bathrooms are stocked with soap and paper towels.
  • Hand sanitizer is also available in each studio and throughout the TRDance Center.


Open Classes

  • If a student registered for an open class isn't able to attend, but doesn't cancel prior to two hours before the class or is a no-show, the payment is not subject to any refund nor is the class card punch returned (Virtual Classes included).
Structured Classes
  • Makeup classes need to be arranged through our Front Desk. ( or Academy Director (
  • Students may make up missed classes with a comparable alternative (same level or lower).
  • Makeup classes must be taken within the same semester of the missed class.
Classes in any program that regularly have fewer than three students are subject to cancellation.

Dress Code

Open Classes

  • Casual appropriate dance attire.
  • Hair should be secured away from the face for all classes.
Structured Classes
  • TRD Leotard: $25
  • TRD Men's/Boy's T-Shirts: $25
  • Hair should be secured away from the face for all classes and in a bun for ballet class.
  • TRDance Center Attire: (optional for ballet, modern, & jazz classes)
  • Ballet & Fundamentals: TRD Center Leotard*,pink tights, pink ballet shoes
  • Modern: TRD Center Leotard*, Pink or black footless tights, and barefeet.
  • Jazz: TRD Center Leotard*, Pink or black footless tights, leggings, or jazz pants, and jazz shoes
  • Hip-Hop: Solid color leotard of your choice, shorts, leggings, or jazz pants, and sneakers
  • Boys: TRD Center T-shirt*, dance belt, black tights, black ballet shoes or white ballet shoes with white socks for ballet
*TRDance attire optional - solid color leotards for girls or white T-shirt for boys can be worn instead

Studio Closings

Inclement Weather Procedures

  • TRDance Center will close in accordance with the Norfolk Public Schools. Please check our website at, or our Facebook and Instagram pages for up-to-date weather related closing information.
  • In the event of illness or closings, Structured Program dancers may make up a missed class in another class of the same level or lower; these can be arranged through the front desk. Open Program dancers will have their payment or class punch applied toward the next class that is attended.

Payment Options

TRDance Center accepts the following forms of payment: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash, Checks. and Money Orders. Credit card payments are accepted through our website. Payments of credit, cash, check, and money order are available in person.

  • There will be a $25 fee on all returned checks. Declined credit cards for auto withdrawal will be charged $10. It is your responsibility to inform our office of expired or new cards in order not to be assessed additional fees.
  • All Structured Installment Plans are processed by automatic withdrawal only. An authorization form must be on file for all Installment Plans. Installment Plan #1 - 2 payments (September & February), Installment Plan #2 - 9 payments (September through May). After your first payment, withdrawals are made on the 5th of the appropriate month.
  • Tuition for the STRUCTURED program is for the entire year and is non-refundable.
  • Medical withdrawal in the event of long term illness or injury may be considered. A doctor’s verification must accompany a written withdrawal letter. For families who have pre-paid the entire year a partial refund or credit will be considered. For families on one of the installment plans, we require 30 days in advance of the next installment in order to suspend or terminate your automatic withdrawal. This policy also applies to military and families who will be moving out of the Hampton Roads area during the academic year.
  • Financial assistance available for qualifying students.​​​
TRDance offers privates, duets, and trio lessons in all dance styles for dancers of all ages interested in a more one-on-one or small group learning environment. Private lessons: $65/hr, $35/30 minutes Duet lessons: $45/hr per dancer Trio lessons: $35/hr per dancer

Performance Opportunities

Structured Program

  • Structured dancers have the opportunity to participate in our end of the year performance. Occurring in June, the performance is typically a Storybook Ballet that incorporates all dance genres. Participation is optional, requires a small recital fee, and includes extra rehearsals outside of the normal class time.
TRDance Ensemble and Virginia Ballet Theatre Ensemble
  • The Ensemble programs are geared toward high school, college, and post graduate dancers who are interested in developing their performance and choreographic skills. The TRD Ensemble is focused on modern and contemporary dance, while the VBT Ensemble is focused on classical and contemporary ballet. Dancers who have an interest in choreography may be able to have their work fully produced and others will have the opportunity to perform in both new and professional works.
  • The Ensembles offer several audition opportunities throughout the year as well as in the summer. Performance opportunities include their own presentations at the Benjack Studio Theatre as well as occasions to perform with the Todd Rosenlieb Dance’s main company and at community events.



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