Director's Corner: Spring 2020

Here are a few words from our Virginia Ballet Theatre Artistic Director, Ricardo Melendez

The language of dance is as diverse as the expressiveness of our bodies will allow. This expressiveness has endured from the intricate patterns of the court of Louis XIV through the classical dances of the romantic era to the physical prowess of the Russian style, and it has achieved new life in the impressionistic curves in the works of Martha Graham, the speed in the repertoire of Balanchine, and the courage in the choreography of Bill T. Jones, to name a few. I believe that dancers are sculptures that move to rhythms both shaped by space and shaping the space.

For this spring concert, our offerings include classical language through an excerpt from the third act of the ballet Don Quixote, neoclassical music visualization in Trio with music by contemporary composer Kong Kie, contemporary aesthetics in La Casa based on a work by Spanish writer Federico García Lorca, and daring modernism to the sound of Ravel’s famous composition Bolero in the world premiere of Legado en Curvas (Legacy in Curves).

To witness these gifted dancers approach such various styles is both inspiring and humbling. To be allowed to participate in their growth as artists and humans is my privilege. These sculptures made of flesh and blood strive to conquer gravity and gently mold the spaces around them, creating—in front of our eyes—a magic that defies our human capabilities and elevates our spirits. Their conquest is our triumph; their sweat becomes witness to their commitment.

In a time when the world seems to be trapped in a cacophony of echoes and divisive feelings, the language of dance speaks to us—soothing our spirits, challenging our perceptions, and inviting us into an exchange devoid of words where the beauty of the human condition is shaped by living sculptures moving to the rhythms of life. Join us and experience their gift.

—Ricardo Melendez

Artistic Director, Virginia Ballet Theatre


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