The Modern Master Class with Todd is almost here!

The Intermediate Modern Master Class with Todd Rosenlieb is this Saturday! And there are still a few spots left!

This Master Class will be an exploration of the Hawkins technique. Erick Hawkins was a legendary modern dancer and choreographer. Having studied with other greats, George Balanchine and Martha Graham, Hawkins went on to establish his own company, Erick Hawkins Dance Company, in 1951. Hawkins branched out with his style, and created his own methodology of modern movement. His movement style has been described as fluid, effortless, and light, yet grounded with strength and control. It was important to Hawkins to consider kinesiology and anatomic principles within modern dance vocabulary, and focused on initiating movement from the body's pelvic center of gravity and through the alignment of the spine. He also felt it was key for dancers to feel the movements while executing them, and be completely engaged in the experience.

Todd Rosenlieb, prior to founding TRDance, danced with the Erick Hawkins Dance Company from 1992 to 2000; he was selected for the company by Hawkins himself. Todd Rosenlieb also took on the role of Company Director in 1995; he has staged Hawkins repertory throughout the country.

Join Todd on Saturday and immerse yourself in this wonderful dance technique and movement style. Click here to sign up!

- Jaime Simpson, Academy Director

Photo: Erick Hawkins in the 1930s, Wikipedia


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