TRDance Membership Plan Changes for Fall 2021

July 27, 2021

Dear TRDancers + Families,

As TRDance enters our 16th year and season, we are so excited to continue to offer new and exciting classes for all ages and abilities in our Academy. TRDance puts a lot of resources behind our Academy making sure that classes are varied, challenging, and fitting for every student who takes class at TRDance. We are grateful to have made it through the Pandemic and be returning to live-concerts and larger classes this fall.

TRDance has always strived to keep all our costs for classes minimal yet fair to help keep such a one-of-a-kind Academy in a Downtown environment thriving and open to all. With that in mind, it has been several years since we have adjusted our prices to help make sure our doors stay open and program offerings continue to grow.

With that in mind, TRDance will not be increasing the cost of a single class ($20) but slight increases in our membership plans will take effect beginning September 1, 2021 (see below). Our membership plans will continue to save you anywhere from $3.00 to $7.50 per class. Our Annual Unlimited plan, based on you taking 20 classes per month, comes out to only $5.80 a class!

Effective 9/1/21 – Membership (Class Card) Price Changes:

· Single Class = $20 per Class

· 10 Class Card Price - $170 = $17 per Class

· 30 Class Card Price - $450 = $15 per Class

· Monthly Unlimited Membership - $200 = $12.50 per Class (4 classes/wk.)

· Annual Unlimited Membership - $1,400 = $5.80 per Class (20 classes/mo.)

Effective 9/1/21 - Fall Structured Class Tuition Changes (pricing for the full academic year):

· 1 Class = $605 - ($16.80 per class for 36-week tuition)

· 2 Classes = $1089 10% discount on total price

· 3 Classes = $1597 12% discount on total price

· 4 Classes = $2057 15% discount on total price

Effective 9/1/21 for Fall Creative Movement/Fundamental Tuition Changes (pricing per 14-Week Session):

· Fundamentals = $175 = $12.50 per class

· Creative Movement = $175 = $12.50 per class

*Financial assistance applications will continue to be available for our Structured Program along with payment plan options. For more information, contact Jaime Simpson, Academy Director at

We look forward to a wonderful year ahead in our Academy and look forward to seeing many new faces in the studio as we continue to offer a wide variety of classes in all dance forms! A student survey will soon be coming to your inbox to collect your feedback on what you’d like to see in the future at TRDance! Watch for that exciting email coming soon!

Yours In Dance,


Christopher Reybrouck

Executive Director, TRDance Center

Todd Rosenlieb Dance / Virginia Ballet Theatre